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Database Design
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We have created many Microsoft Access databases through the years.  Some of these
have progressed to sophisticated tools that are used by businesses to manage their
various operations on a day to day basis.  These include the following examples:
Kentucky Natives database- This database was used to track various
environmental parameters associated with native plants.  It included features
such as a photograph, a growth model to test if an application was thought to be
acceptable as a location for the plant to grown in.
Truck Hauling database- This was a simple but very useful tool for a trucking firm
using dump trucks.  The tool is used for estimating the costs associated with
project proposals.  It calculated the number of truck loads required, the materials
used (gravel, fuel, oil, etc.), the cost of the materials and labor, the days to
accomplish the job, etc.
Chronic Disease Information System- Our physicians track various parameters to
evaluate how the patient is progressing.  The medical community also uses many
health risk factors to treat the patient in a preventative manner.  This chronic
disease database was prepared for the small physician's office to manage chronic
disease information.  It assesses the risk of the patient for contracting nine
diseases, with risks for cancer further expanded into twelve areas.  The database
includes useful tools for both physician and patient based on research
information from this important community.
Gypsum Quality database- A subcontractor, for a local power plant, was charged
with the management of the wet flue gas desulfurization (WFGD) process at the
site.  This process involves laboratory tracking of numerous parameters in a WFGD
database.  In addition, some of the parameters were key values used in numerical
algorithms to financially reward the subcontractor for successful completion of
their tasks.  We developed a database to daily use to track all of the parameters
necessary for partner performance as well as EPA compliance.
Hydroponic Nutrition analysis- The business of growing plants using hydroponic
methods requires the use of scientific principles to emulate what Mother Nature
does best.  It requires management of the available nutrients for the specific
plant grown at the optimum levels preferred by the plant.  This database is used
to create nutrient solutions based upon the fertilizer micro and macro nutrients,
the water supply, and the dosing ratio of the system.
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