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Product Development
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For Mountain Breeze Technologies, product design and development generally involves mechanical design and
manufacturing engineering.  
Mechanical Design
The design of a mechanical component or machine involves defining the 3-D space that a body will occupy.  We use
Autodesk's Inventor Pro as our tool of choice to build models of components.  

We also must evaluate the physics involved in the function of the item.  The strength of the part must be understood to
insure that the component can withstand the loads and stresses that it must endure during its life.  Each component is
analyzed similarly and then assembled together to create a machine model, simple or complex.  A sample of projects
may be found on our
Product Design page.  
Manufacturing Engineering
After the design has been identified theoretically, actual parts must be produced.  The manufacturing engineer's role
is to establish the methods that will be used to create physical parts, source the parts, develop the tools, manage
quality, and assist in the management of production

Initially, a small sample size of parts or machines will be produced.  These are prototype parts that will probably be
created through labor intensive processes such as machining, prototype molds, steriolithography, fabrication, etc.  
These model parts will be analyzed for aesthetics, function, manufacturability, etc.  Improvements will be added to
the design at this stage.

After the prototypes have been analyzed, more permanent tooling will be sourced.  These tools are developed based
upon the expected quantity of parts that will be created during a short interval, as well as the total number of parts
anticipated during the life of the product.

Some additional information may be found on our Manufacturing Engineering page.
Banff National Park, Alberta