Our business focus is develop new products, create useful technology tools, and discover techniques
that improve the performance of every day business and research activities.  We are dedicated to the
transfer of technology; from theory to actual application.
We are engineers by profession and experience, with advanced degrees in our field.  We have a
member with Professional Engineering certification on staff.  Our focus is primarily in the
design process.  But our skills are very diverse and cross many boundaries.

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Some selected topics of experience include:
Office machine development
Heavy construction equipment design
Furniture components design
Electrical breaker box design
Product conceptualization
Manufacturing and cost engineering
Proposal development and technical writing
Manufacturing automation design
Electrical usage audits
Database design
Greenhouse and hydroponic operations development
Mountain Breeze Technologies
Banff, AB
A glacier-fed lake
in the Banff,
Alberta area of
Canada.  The
beautiful color is
a result of bright
sunlight cast
upon healthy
We hope you will spend some of your valuable time with us, learning what we do and
how we do it.  Thank you for your interest.
"Keep close to Nature's heart..... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the
woods.  Wash your spirit clean."
                                                                                  John Muir
P.O. Box 11953 Lexington, KY 40579
Alberta, Canada