Mountain Breeze Technologies
Showy Lady's Slipper
One of nature's finest,
this specimen was
located in the Great
Smoky Mountains area.
Placid Stream
Throughout most
mountains, streams
may be found that are
quiet or roaring.  This
one was located in the
North Carolina area.
Product Development
Engineering Analysis
HVAC Design
Manufacturing Engineering
Cost Engineering
Database Design
Technical Documentation
We have been fortunate to experience many facets of life, including a very diverse business
experience.  It is due to these experiences that we can offer the client a well rounded perspective on
various topics from research to product development to retail.

Most often, our customers have been small to medium sized businesses.  Sometimes the firm lacks the
expertise that we offer,  or simply lack the human resources and do not wish to make the long-term
investment of a permanent hire.  From concept designs to final design drawings to analyses to project
management, we offer value through capable responsive engineering skills.

We are confident that you will be pleased with our performance on your project.

Here are some areas in which we feel we may be able to assist your firm:
Services Offered
P.O. Box 11953 Lexington, KY 40579
Great Smoky Mountains